Clint’s Controls Corner: The Importance of Warranty Support


Clint's Controls Corner (text only)

In order to realize the maximum benefit of energy savings from any lighting control system, it is imperative to keep the system operational. As with most technology, there will occasionally be equipment failures and programming glitches that cause improper operation of the overall system. With today’s complex lighting control systems, it can be challenging to determine the root cause of any given issue. Problems can arise due to component failure, programming error, or both. Without a dedicated specialist that is knowledgeable about the system in question, solving the problem can be almost impossible.

All reputable manufacturers offer warranties on the components of their systems (Wattstopper/Legrand warrants most of their products for five years.). However, these warranties are for materials only and do not cover the labor required to physically change out the component and perform any reprogramming of the system that may be necessary to return to functional operation. Parts warranties also do not cover glitches in system programming that arise after the initial startup. At times, it can take weeks or months for these issues to arise based on changing conditions in the facility.

MH Controls stands behind our products and services. To ensure that all of our customers receive systems that will operate as intended for the long run, we are now including one year service warranties on all projects that include initial startup services. This warranty covers any reprogramming associated with component failure, as well as programming adjustments if the system operation is not in compliance with the initial design intent. We will also complete the work necessary to replace components that do not require any line voltage connections. As with most electronics, the great majority of problems will be observed in the first year of operation.

The intent of this approach is to ensure that each facility that we provide controls for obtains the maximum benefit from the control system. We also hope to minimize the need for electrical contractors to return to site for items that our technicians can resolve without assistance.

We feel that standing behind our systems this way is a crucial part to meeting what should be the expectation for functional systems. MH is committed to raising the bar in the level of service provided to our customers. We strive to meet our Ten Commitments in every part of our business.

This article was written by Clint Conley, our Lighting Controls Department Manager. Clint can be reached at 720.904.8554 or