Employee Spotlight – Jennifer Reeves

Meet Jennifer Reeves, our newest Quotations Specialist.

Q.) How long have you been with The MH Companies? What do you like most about working here?
A.) I have been with The MH Companies now for only two weeks, but so far, I must admit that what I enjoy most are the people I work with. Everybody has been very welcoming and quick to offer assistance of any kind. I’d also like to share that in the short amount of time that I have been with The MH Companies, I have learned, very quickly, that my position of Quotations Specialist will be one that will entail continual learning as well as ample opportunity to be challenged; two very key aspects of what motivates me within any endeavor that I undertake.
Q.) Tell us a bit more about your background.
A.) Relevant to the lighting industry, I worked for FSG Lighting here in Denver for nearly four years as an Inside Sales Rep, managing MRO accounts and supporting a small Outside Sales staff.  I then spent nearly a year-and-a-half as a Lighting Quotations Specialist for new construction projects at Graybar, Denver where I established multiple contractor and lighting rep relationships. Prior to lighting, I worked in various industries, including Aerospace, Printing, and Property Management, holding positions that involved a great deal of project management.
Q.) What do you like most about this industry?
A.) I think what I enjoy most about this industry is that no project is alike. When you get down to the nuts and bolts, there are ever-changing factors, tight deadlines to meet, and constant opportunities to figure out ways to write business; all challenging aspects to contend with that make what I do that much more fun!
Q.) What’s your favorite Colorado landmark?
A.) My favorite Colorado landmark might be one of controversy (at least it seems such in most discussions that I’ve ever had on the subject), but I really enjoy the wild blue stallion with the fiery red eyes that stands erect outside of the Denver International Airport. There is something very powerful to me about it that I quite appreciate. I think, too, that I also enjoy how controversial it is. Many people seem to be intimidated by it to some degree. Also, perhaps there is a campiness to it, but I just dig it! 
Q.) Where are you from originally?
A.) I am originally from Southern California. I grew up in Ontario, lived and worked in Rancho Cucamonga for years, and then moved to Pasadena, CA before embarking on a six-month European backpacking trip that ultimately resulted in my decision to move to Denver. I was tired of the daily grind of long commutes and smog, and wanted to experience a city a little less sprawling and daunting, as perhaps LA could be. My original plan was to continue on to NYC, but I fell in love with Colorado weather, as well as with the little city of Denver.
Q.) What’s your favorite hobby?
A.) I don’t know that I have a favorite hobby, per se. I enjoy singing, improv, riding my bike in the city, making jewelry from bicycle inner tubes, camping, hiking, and definitely travel!
Q.) What’s something interesting about you that we may not know?
A.) Something interesting about me that you might not know is that I am an anosmic: I have zero sense of smell and didn’t lose it, but was born with such (congenital anosmia). Most people in my life forget about this and immediately feel awkward when commenting about a particularly enticing smell (not so awkward when commenting about things that smell bad 🙂 ). It is funny to me, because it never offends me that they forget, or that they’ve shared an opinion about a natural reaction that they have to what they are experiencing. My lack of smell is my reality, so I don’t get offended, mostly just curious and will often ask for an elaboration or description of the scent (which usually results in their frustration at the lack of ability to articulate the nuances of what they are smelling). It definitely makes for interesting conversation. 🙂
Jennifer can be reached at:
Email Jennifer
303.573.0222, ext. 144
720.931.8217 (direct)