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The Ten Commitments

Project Direct at MH

The MH Companies is committed to offering the highest possible levels of customer satisfaction. It’s something we pride ourselves on, and work hard to achieve, on a daily basis. Several years ago, we developed “The Ten Commitments.” These are ten standard practices that are the framework of our customer service model. All of our team members keep these concepts front of mind, in an effort to be the best that they can be…every hour of every day.

If you ever feel that we’re falling short on any of our Ten Commitments, please contact us and share your concern.


I will exceed your expectations by asking what more can be done — and doing it.


I will own it until you are satisfied, and will follow through.


You are the foundation of our company, and we appreciate your business. Thank you!


I will hold myself to the ethical standards that you, the customer, expect.


Through teamwork and dedication, I will achieve constant success for The MH Companies and for you.


I will communicate in a personal, clear, and concise manner, within your time frame.


I realize that fostering personal relationships is an investment in our future.


I will take time to listen and will work to understand your requests and the information that I’m providing.


I will make myself available to you with a polite, positive, and respectful attitude.


I will respond as quickly as possible to your requests and will be the solution, not the problem.