Ragni Lighting

The Ragni Company was founded in 1927 by Victor Ragni in Cagnes-sur-Mer in the southeast of France. Since its establishment, Ragni has grown to a powerhouse in architectural lighting, exporting its lighting solutions to over forty different countries. They pride themselves on their reputation for providing the highest quality of luminaires in the world, matching high performance technology with modern, architectural design.

Ragni is backboned by its responsiveness, flexibility and above all, superior customer service. With over 300 customizable luminaires, available in standard lamping and LED, Ragni has the solution to your lighting needs. In addition to their aesthetic and civic dedication to their customers and community, Ragni has focused on the environmental aspects of urban life.

At Ragni, they have embellished cities while providing comfort as well as developing energy-efficient solutions through the use of renewable energies. As a leader in environmental lighting and the dark sky initiative, Ragni couples award winning design powered by solar energy and green technology. They focus on providing value to our customers, identifying customer needs and working within their budget to provide the best possible product solution for their application. Through these principals, Ragni will continue to grow and remain established at the forefront of architectural lighting.

Product Categories
Decorative, Landscape, Outdoor, Poles

Product Keywords
Architectural, Area, Bollards, Custom Fabrication, Decorative, Euro Style, Exterior, LED, Parking, Pathway, Poles, Roadway, Solar, Wall Mounted

Average Lead Time: 160 Calendar Days (Project)