• Online Shipping Information for every manufacturer, and every order
  • Estimated ship dates, scheduled ship dates, and actual ship dates
  • Auto carrier tracking information
  • Direct communication real time via web with our Service Team Members
  • PDF and MS Excel Output
  • Online Pricing (HLI Brands with printed price sheets only)
  • Online Inventory (HLI Stock Brands Only)
  • Online Auto submittal generation
  • Automated nightly order status update email reports.

MHOSIS Registration Form

MHOSIS Terms of Service


Q.) What does MHOSIS stand for?
A.) MHOSIS is an acronym for “MH Online Systems Information Services”

Q.) How do you determine estimated ship dates, and why do you publish them?
A.) Detailed information about our estimated ship dates can be found here.

Q.) Are estimated ship dates real dates?
A.) No, they are only an estimate of date, similar to using manufacturers’ canned lead times and applying those lead times to the date the order is released. However, the estimated dates are based on recent historical data rather than something published by the manufacturer years ago and never updated.

Q.) When can I get scheduled dates on my order?
A.) Depending on the manufacturer, actual scheduled dates can take anywhere from a couple of hours to a couple of weeks.

Q.) What process is used by The MH Companies to get ship dates for orders?
A.) For a large percentage of the volume of orders we process, we are linked live with the manufacturers systems. When an order is dated within the manufacturers system, our order is updated in our system automatically, and the web site is updated at the same time. For other manufacturers, we receive information from their websites, email confirmations, etc.

Q.)How do you keep track of which orders do and don’t have ship dates?
A.) Our internal system creates a daily list of all orders for all manufacturers that are older than 48 hours and that do not have a scheduled ship date. Our dedicated staff of shipment editors follow up with each and every manufacturer on a daily basis until a scheduled ship date is provided. Once the date is received, it is input into our system and the website is updated immediately and automatically.

Q.) How long does it take to provide an actual ship date on my order?
A.) An actual ship date is provided by the manufacturer, along with the tracking information, and a ship from location. This information is generally available within 24 hours after the scheduled date. Our internal systems provide a daily list of all orders that have a scheduled ship date of yesterday or before, that do not have the carrier tracking information and ship from location. Our dedicated team of shipment editors use this list to assist them in following up with all manufacturers until the information is received. It is then input into our system, and immediately published on our web site.