MH Controls Employees

Steve Woodward

Direct Line: 720.904.8526
Extension: 111

Dave Kellogg

VP/Sales Manager
Direct Line: 720.904.8528
Extension: 113

Alex Boban

Controls Engineer
Direct Line: 720.904.8542
Extension: 116
Amanda Nelson

Amanda Nelson

Project Specialist
Direct Line: 720.904.8559
Extension: 135
Bill Mahoney

Bill Mahoney

Field Services
Direct Line: 720.354.0967

Chris Woodward

Field Services Manager
Direct Line: 303.809.0838

Cinnamon Lowe

Administrative Coordinator
Direct Line: 720.904.8530
Extension: 101

Clint Conley

Director of Operations
Direct Line: 720.904.8554
Extension: 117
Danielle Schlikoski

Danielle Schilkoski

Shipping Editor – Off-Site Support
Danny Enriquez

Danny Enriquez

Direct Line: 720.931.8186
Extension: 147

Darlene Nicholas

Project Specialist
Direct Line: 720.931.8187
Extension: 150

Dustin Briscoe

Direct Line: 719.219.9905
Extension: 205
Emmelhainz Erica

Erica Emmelhainz

Controls Engineer
Direct Line: 720.904.8551
Extension: 152

Greg McBride

Marketing Director
Direct Line: 720.904.8547
Extension: 148

Jan Woodward

Shipping Editor Supervisor – Off-Site Support

Jodi Yutzy

Office Manager/Accounting
Direct Line: 720.904.8550
Extension: 131

Joe Schoen

Information Technology
Direct Line: 720.931.8181
Extension: 124

Jordan Musso

Project Specialist
Direct Line: 720.904.8523
Extension: 123
Joyce Da Cunha

Joyce Da Cunha

Projects Group Manager
Direct Line: 720.904.8545
Extension: 149

Keri Snook

Administrative Assistant/Receptionist
Direct Line: ----
Extension: 165

Krista Herrick

Direct Line: 720.931.8199
Extension: 142

Lori Barrett

Shipping Editor – Off-Site Support

Lynne Hudson

Direct Line: 720.904.8541
Extension: 130

Matt Donizio

Field Services
Direct Line: 720.443.9757

Mike Bogomolov

Controls Engineering Supervisor
Direct Line: 720.904.8537
Extension: 151
Jones Nate

Nate Jones

Marketing Material and Warehouse Coordinator
Direct Line: 720.904.8549
Extension: 140

Nick Haase

Controls Engineer
Direct Line: 720.931.8198
Extension: 108

Renee Fisk

Submittals/Marketing Support
Direct Line: 719.219.9915
Extension: 215

Rick Thompson

Project Development Manager
Direct Line: 720.904.8533
Extension: 122

Scott Jackson

Branch Manager
Direct Line: 719.219.9902
Extension: 202

Tom Seymour

Controls Sales Engineer
Direct Line: 720.904.8553
Extension: 137