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Everything Changed in 1879…and Then It Changed Again

Back in 1879, Thomas Edison patented the first commerically successful incandescent light bulb. Steve Woodward, President and General Manager of The MH Companies reflects on how this one invention changed the world forever.

“Before artificial lighting, most people simply went to bed around sundown. Having access to light, 24/7, changes how we live our lives and gives us the ability to maximize our personal and work time. It helps fuel innovation and productivity. For the first 100 or so years, lighting technology remained more or less unchanged. In fact, until recently, most consumers were still purchasing incandescent lamps that weren’t much different than what Edison patented. But, LED technology changed everything and our industry has been advancing at an unprecedented pace. We have seen more change in the last five years, than we saw in the preceding 20 years. It shows no signs of slowing down, which is why commercial lighting has been, and will continue to be, an exciting industry to be in.”

The MH Companies is truly at the forefront of lighting and lighting controls technologies. As one of the largest privately-held lighting manufacturers rep firms in the nation, we partner with nearly 100 of the most significant lighting and lighting controls manufacturers in the world. Our partnerships with these top manufacturers make us an invaluable resource for distributors, contractors, and specifiers throughout Colorado and Southern Wyoming.

We’re Constantly Improving Our Business Model

The MH Companies has spent nearly five decades redefining the role of a manufacturers rep agency. We have revolutionized how manufacturers bring their products to market through added technical services that include complete design, engineering, and hands-on technical field support to ensure the successful completion of all or our projects. Our software-driven order tracking solution has made our customers’ lives easier, ensuring that they have real-time access to project statuses, every minute of every day. And, our team of professionals is best-of-class, offering a level of skill and expertise that’s unmatched within our industry.

Our Luminaires Are Bright…but Your Future Is Brighter!

Whether you’re an experienced lighting industry guru, or are enamored with the rapidly-evolving technologies that define our offerings, The MH Companies offers unique and exciting career opportunities in our sales, customer service, quotations, controls, and administrative departments. Entry-level talent will have tremendous growth opportunities and seasoned veterans, with proven track records of success, will have industry-leading earning potential. The Ten Commitments are our core set of principles that guide and define how everyone on our team handles their day-to-day activities. These commitments are more than just words on a web page. They are fundamental beliefs and business philosophies that contribute to our successes as individuals, and as a company.

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