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Welcome to The MH Companies

For over five decades, we've built our reputation on conducting business with integrity and respect. Our goal, every single day, is to provide our partners with unparalleled experiences. Like other organizations, we sell products, services, and solutions. But, that’s where the similarities end.

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What's Hot?

Galassia wall from Habitat

The 1950s charm of the Galassia wall light, from Habitat, available with one bulb or two, orientable to the left or right, remains unchanged thanks to the combination of the brass with galvanic gilding on the structure and the white triplex blown glass sphere. A priceless collection that enriches any space with a sophisticated retro touch.

fil from Habitat

It‘s a well-known fact that a cube has six sides. In fil from Habitat, the sides consist of a solar panel that is embedded flush in translucent fabric. A second inner cube of translucent polycarbonate creates a uniform light effect.

Lupe Wall and Renata Wall from Bruck

WEP Light (Wood Ecological Project) is designed, handcrafted in Argentina and assembled in the USA. A two-sided wood veneer section is fused with a malleable center panel for strength and flexibility to create a work of art in a variety of styles and sizes. Lupe Wall and Renata Wall are available in 17 colors!

LUNA ZEST ACST from TMS Lighting

LUNA ZEST ACST from TMS Lighting introduces a unique aesthetic into virtually any architectural space. The acoustic panels are available in 16 colors ranging from subtle and refined to bold and exciting.

Sputnik from Habitat

Like fireworks, the Sputnik from Habitat expands in all directions in an explosion of light. The sixteen-arm structure in precious brass with galvanic gilding is elegantly combined with the ends available in black, ivory or in the lively multicolored variant.

Quad from SABIN

SABIN is the first company founded as an acoustic lighting company — a paradigm shift for the industry. They have assembled a team of veteran designers and engineers from within the lighting and acoustic industries to design and build better acoustic lighting products from the ground up.

Luminosa from wakaNINE

Luminosa is dedicated to the design and manufacture of high-quality handmade lighting for the contemporary interior. The philosophy is simple; create original and lasting interior lighting of the highest caliber. Luminosa’s signature is strong, curvilinear lines and modern hues, which juxtapose color, form, and light to illuminate the interior, creating a warm and intimate space.

EZT from ARON Lighting

The EZT provides a versatile and “EZ” way to integrate lines or shapes of light into a T-grid ceiling. Create unique layouts by forming shapes like squares, rectangles, L’s, or straight lengths with no limitation to main or cross tbars as the fixture simply fastens to the bottom of any grid system.

Adobe Mini from Insight Lighting

Adobe, a linear suspended direct indirect luminaire by Insight Lighting, offers direct/indirect or direct only light output, available in six lengths ranging from 34″ up to 92″. Adobe’s elegant curved, simple form and high-quality luxe materials afford true flexibility in design that blends into many architectural interiors. Adobe delivers high-quality, uniform illumination creating a striking architectural look with a visually comfortable form.

W1 LN "Woody" Linear from MOJO Illumination

"Woody" is a slim modern linear architectural system with real wood engineered veneers utilizing sustainable fast-growth forests and not-exotic hardwoods. Woody offers unique articulated housing segments and lighting modules, performance optics, and four premium wood finish options. The 3.5" x 2.5" profile and 4' or 8' continuous row mounting options deliver up to 1,500 lm/ft and 90+ lm/W.

Sail from Visa Lighting

The Sail LED pendant light is a clean, modern disc pendant featuring EdgeGlide Optics with extraordinary illumination. Unlike other ring-style pendants, Sail offers a brilliant halo of light surrounding a 1/2" thin, solid center which can be customized with the application of Visa's powder coat paint colors from their updated palette.

Barro from Graypants

In partnership with Caterina Moretti of Peca design studio, Barro is a handmade pendant featuring a ceramic base and glass shade; a beautiful marriage of natural materials that quite literally starts from the earth of Oaxaca, Mexico. The production uses age-old, region-specific techniques to create something truly beautiful and unique. The Barro pendant represents the conjunction of tradition and innovation. Incredibly versatile, they integrate easily to elevate their respective surroundings.

Line from Fluxwerx

Line offers an optimal balance of diminutive design and performance, without compromise. Minimalist and miniscule at only 3” high and less than a finger-width wide, Line gives you unprecedented design flexibility.

Elegance 12 Mini Track from VLT

Elegance 12 is a low voltage miniature spot designed and developed for retail, showcase display, and museum lighting applications. Tiny yet mighty this ultra-miniature track spot is 0.49” x 0.49” [12.5mm x 12.5mm] in size and is compatible with anti-glare accessories such as snoot with a simple magnetic fixing mechanism. Tiltable vertically 0-90° and rotatable horizontally 330°, Elegance 12 delivers high-intensity values and remains almost invisible even from a shorter distance.


Introducing DISCO CEILING – a chic fixture for your modern space.

It Starts With Our People

Our team is the cornerstone of all that we do, and we embrace a culture that fosters collaboration and productivity in the pursuit of providing best-in-class experiences for our business partners. We are a company that maintains a focus on the importance of hiring…and keeping…great people. We don’t want our employees to think of MH as a place where they simply come to work. We’re focused on providing opportunities for personal and professional growth. This focus on individual growth and satisfaction has resulted in a staff with almost 500 years of combined tenure at MH.

Wednesdays With MH

Every Wednesday at noon (MT), The MH Companies hosts Zoom meetings covering a variety of topics, including manufacturer product updates, CEU courses, controls education, and more! All attendees will receive a thank you gift for attending.

We Leave Nothing to Chance

Having a team that’s invested in the company, and the success of our business partners, provides us with a solid foundation to deliver experiences that are second to none. Great people alone can’t consistently deliver great experiences without strategic and effective processes. Over the years, we’ve developed tools, processes, and mindsets that provide our partners with consistent experiences and the information they need, day or night. We have checks and balances in place to ensure that even the smallest detail won’t fall through the cracks. Many of the tools and processes that we have developed have been adopted throughout the industry as best practices.

Line Card

The MH Companies works with a wide range of lighting and lighting controls manufacturers. Over nearly five decades, we have built great relationships with them and offer a product lineup to fit every type of project.

SpecSeek Product Search

Our SpecSeek product search tool allows you to search through thousands of products from all of our manufacturers. Download spec sheets and IES files. Build projects. Share products with colleagues. It's a powerful tool that allows you to find exactly what you're looking for, all without leaving our website!

Included on every controls project, ProSite Services is made up of a team of experts focused on coordinating all aspects of a project, starting in the planning and specification stages, and continuing through every critical step leading up to project completion.


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