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A bridge built to last! Long life and ease of install, combined with engineering assistance, makes the Valmont U-Beam™ press brake tub girder the innovative, cost-effective bridge solution you’ve been waiting for.

Groundbreaking Engineered Product

Let Valmont's skilled team of engineers help with your design by providing stamped girder reaction calcs and I-beam equivalent ratios to assist in engineering your project. Full calcs are available since this highly-engineered product has performance that is verifiable. U-Beam's cold bent steel tub girders meet all AASHTO 2018 LRFD requirements and have been approved for both state DOT-, and FHWA-funded projects.

Long Life. Low Maintenance. So Easy!

100 year expected life! Virtually maintenance-free! The galvanized, single dip coating on the beam lasts 60 years and significantly lowers your long-term bridge life cycle costs when compared to traditionally-built bridges.

Light Weight and Easy to Install

At 150 lbs. or less per linear foot, the U-Beams can be delivered up to six at a time, are easy to lift with a single crane, and can usually be assembled from just one side of a span. And they’re easy to move and store on site. These conveniences often result in weeks of contractor and traffic disruption time saved.

Valmont’s U-Beam bridge system outlasts traditionally built bridges, requires less maintenance, lowers your costs, can be installed quickly, and improves safety. The MH Companies is excited to announce expansion to include Valmont’s U-Beam Bridge System throughout Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho.