Monthly Giveaways

Each month, The MH Companies sponsors a giveaway for our customers. Below are photos from past prize presentations. This month’s giveaway can be viewed here.

April 2019 Winner | Butch McKinney of Keys + Lauer Architects

March 2019 Winner | Courtney Lloyd of Kieding

March 2019 Winner (Contractor Promo) | Larvin Franklin of Hunt Electric

February 2019 Winner | Chris Wren of BCER

January 2019 Winner | Dominique Raymond of Norris Design

November/December 2018 Winner (Contractor Promo) | James Monroe of Ludvik Electric

October 2018 Winner | Vickki Arnouts of Studiotrope Design Collective

October 2018 Winner (Site Amenities Promo) | Cole Giesler of Boulder Associates Architects

September 2018 Winner (Contractor Promo) | Frank Wolf of Fountain Valley Electrical

September 2018 Winner | Jeff Nielsen of JCN Engineering Inc.

August 2018 Winner | Samuel Hewett of Horton Lees Brogden Lighting Design

July 2018 Winner (Contractor Promo) | Mark Mickels of Accent Electrical Services