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MH has always been a trusted partner for our team! When it comes to quick budgets, VE options, and overall service on the pre-construction and operations side, they have proven to be a reliable asset.

Satisfied Contractor

I love how attentive MH is to our lighting needs. Your personal customer service care is just as amazing. I wanted to express how much I appreciate Steve. He is always very attentive, no matter how small or large our project is. He reads his emails carefully and always gives the information we need. It is a pleasure to work with him!

Dawn Abram, ESC Engineering

I've decided, you guys win. Your submittals are always perfect, and I appreciate the professional way they are put together. Please extend my thanks to your entire team for staying on top of every detail and doing a great job once again!

Customer of Over 30 Years

Good morning. Thank you again for your time this morning, and sending these drawings over. I appreciate your work in getting all the information together, Having it laid out on plans, in a clear and concise manner makes a considerable difference. It eliminates the guesswork and the back and forth calls that I experience with other companies.

Customer Since 2017

The service that I receive from The MH Companies is exceptional, and they're always extremely reliable, helpful, and knowledgeable. Whenever I have a last-minute request, they rush to get me what I need. As a government organization, I have to award projects to the lowest bidder and they consistently provide me with superior products at fair prices. To top it off, they know their brands and regularly make recommendations that contribute to fantastic finished results.

Blake Smith, Government

MH has supplied all fixtures for our Children's Hospital of Colorado, North Campus Expansion Project. Over the course of a year plus, everyone, including Blythe von Reckers, Dave Kellogg, Dave Gillette, and Bill Kauffman, have been selfless, transparent, and responsive to our needs. We are very pleased with MH and how they are inclined to act or respond readily or without hesitation. Thank you for supporting our project!

George LaClaire, Sturgeon Electric Company

When my customers call with questions, the worst thing that can happen is for me to not have an answer. Because of the quick and accurate responses that I get from The MH Companies, this is never a problem. Quite simply, their communication and customer service is the best of any manufacturers rep I've worked with. And, MHOSIS is an indispensable online resource.

Customer Since 2005

I love working with you guys. Your ethics are good and you're always on the up and up. Your team is always pleasant, no matter what the circumstances. Your online tools have always been on the cutting edge and it's easy to get the information I'm looking for. I truly feel like I’m your only customer.

Customer for Over a Decade

I have over 25 years of experience with MH, and as a specifier they have always been attentive to my needs in a timely manner and very responsive when problem situations arise. The individuals that I have worked with over the years have always conducted business in a very professional manner, no matter the circumstances.

Customer of Over 25 Years

The customer service that I receive from The MH Companies is second to none, and I always have full confidence that my projects will be done on time and on budget. I’m answerable to my customers, and the honesty and dependability that I receive from the entire MH team makes my life easier and leaves me with customers who couldn't be happier.

Dan Neddeau, Accent Electrical Services

I just wanted to let you know that the LED Event was very informative and beneficial. The advancements in LED and Control technology in the last few years makes LED lighting even more attractive. Will you pass this on to the staff? Thanks again for the opportunity to sit in on the event.

Forrest Dykstra, Highlands Ranch Metro District

I've been coordinating with MH for many of my lighting needs over the last eight years as well as some of their staff for nearly 20 years. I appreciate the relationship and the always timely and accurate responses. It's great to be able to trust an industry partner to make us look good to our clients. We always know that any issue will be taken care of in the best possible way for the project and the team. Thank you MH for providing years of quality products and services.

Customer of Almost Ten Years

Chris Woodward was awesome on site, he made sure that everything was operating and answered any questions that anyone had. We will definitely request him in the future if that is possible.

George C. Syrpes, Chris Electric Company, Inc.

The MH employees are engaged with the company mission statement and provide a great team building attitude. That benefits me as a client because those individuals are excited about their own company which would in turn provide me with a reliable product or service.

Doug Daniel, Zachary Engineering Corporation

MH has been an absolute pleasure to work with. There is no doubt when asking for a quote, or for help with budgeting a project, that pricing will get turned in a timely and dependable fashion, with almost always no follow up to ask "hey where are we at with that pricing." Designs put forth by the design team at MH have been clear and concise, with an emphasis on putting a product together that puts aspects of budget, versatility, and usability in focus.

Rob Martinez, Weifield Group Contracting

I first started working with The MH Companies because of the quality of their products. But, it's their customer service that turned me into a repeat customer. Whenever I need something from them, they go the extra mile to get it done. It's great to have a knowledgeable and professional team that I can rely on.

Joe Henshaw, J&R Electric

MH's collaborative approach in the design of lighting and controls for our projects is refreshing. They are always available to educate us, and I enjoy working with the MH team.

Adam Cressman, Intermountain Electric

Scott, and every other MH employee that I work with, consistently provide me with information that's honest and accurate. They are always prompt and do what they say they are going to do. Being able to rely on them gives me peace of mind and makes my job easier. On top of the great service that I receive is an extensive line of products that has satisfied virtually all of my project requirements over the last 14 years.

Mark Bankson, Bridgers & Paxton Consulting Engineers

I have worked with MH for over 30 years to purchase our traffic signal poles/arms. I can't begin to say enough regarding the customer service I have experienced from them. We have always been very satisfied with all aspects that MH provides to us when we have done business with them. Very impressive company and we know we can rely on professional service from them.

Debi Sadar, City of Longmont Traffic Signal Operations

I've worked with The MH Companies for over 30 years. Every time I contact MH, someone is available to answer my questions, make recommendations, send pricing, or deal with critical issues in a timely manner. Their team is incredibly knowledgeable about what they are selling and always provides me with products and solutions that exceed my expectations.

Steve Silverthorn, Custom Electrical Contractors